408 Visa to be abolished from Saturday 2nd September


The Australian Labour Government has just announced the closure of the 408 Pandemic Event visa. Starting from February 2024, the visa will no longer accept new applications, as the conditions that necessitated its creation are no longer applicable. Beginning September 2, 2023, the visa will only be open for applications from current holders of the visa. Other visa holders will be ineligible for this visa, a measure aimed at maintaining visa integrity. Holders of valid Pandemic Event visas will remain lawful until their current visas expire.

Starting September 2, 2023, new visa applications will be granted for a six-month period and will incur a Visa Application Charge of $405 AUD. These changes are intended to ensure the visa is used only by individuals genuinely needing to stay and contribute to Australia. People holding Pandemic Event visas who wish to apply for different visas must fulfill the criteria specific to those visas. Those without alternate visa options are expected to leave Australia upon their visa’s expiration.

Minister Giles emphasised that the visa served its purpose during the pandemic, allowing temporary visa holders to contribute to Australia. The Albanese Government is committed to fixing the shortcomings in the migration system that were present under the previous Liberal Government, reducing wait times, and ensuring a more effective migration system for all Australians.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

31 Aug, 2023

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