Appointment of 39 New AAT Members

The Australian Government has appointed 39 additional members to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) through a transparent and merit-based selection process, conducted in accordance with the AAT appointment guidelines.

These appointments are part of the Government’s commitment to appoint at least 75 additional members to the AAT to address the existing backlog of cases – particularly in the Migration and Refugee Division. Further appointments from this process will be announced in the coming weeks.

Under the previous government, backlogs and delays in the AAT were allowed to grow exponentially. This has come at a very real cost to the tens of thousands of people who rely on the AAT each year to independently review government decisions that have major and sometimes life-altering impacts on their lives.

These additional members will be appointed for a fixed term of two years, with the majority assigned to the Migration and Refugee Division. There will also be several members assigned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Division and the Social Services and Child Support Division. Some members will be assigned to more than one Division. With these appointments the total membership of the AAT will be 307 members, with 156 full-time members and 151 part-time members.

The new Members will commence between 25 September and 8 November 2023. All Members appointed through this process will transition to the new administrative review body upon its commencement, for the remainder of their term.

Source: Appointment of additional Members to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal | Our ministers – Attorney-General’s portfolio (


Ms Kylie Allen

Dr Adrienne Anderson

Ms Mia Bailey

Ms Joanne Bakas

Mr Sean Baker

Ms Glynis Bartley

Ms Katherine Bean

Mr Bryn Butler

Mr Jason Cabarrús

Mr Tonino Caravella

Ms Gabrielle Deal

Ms Suhad Dutra

Ms Xanthe Emery

Ms Maria Gagliardi

Mr Donald Gordon

Mr Gregory Hanson

Dr Khanh Hoang

Mr James Horsley

Ms Sarah Irvine

Ms Samira Kamandi

Ms Jessica McLeod

Ms Alison Murphy

Mr Mark Oakman

Ms Franca Petrone

Mr Damien Power

Ms Radhika Prasad

Ms Victoria Price

Ms Lara Proske

Mr Fraser Robertson

Mrs Inge Sheck

Mr Michael Simmons

Mr Donald Smyth

Mr Damian Thomas

Mr Rupert Timms

Mr Matthew Tubridy

Ms Patricia Tyson

Mr Andrew Verduci

Mr Paul White

Ms Magdalena Wysocka

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

9 Oct, 2023

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