Best Practice Principles and Standards for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities

Crystal Migration is putting together a submission in relation to this topic and is seeking public views to include in the submission.

By way of background, rhe Australian Government is reviewing the skills assessment process for workers seeking to enter the country and will develop new standards for skilled migration assessing authorities to raise the integrity, quality and timeliness of migration skills assessments.

The government is seeking best practice principles and standards to provide an aspirational yet measurable foundation upon which assessing authorities will be expected to deliver skills assessments.

This builds on observations identified through ongoing engagement within the assessing authority sector, findings from the recent Review of the Migration System and learnings from the Skills Assessment Pilots. The draft best practice principles and standards have been designed to ensure that skills assessments meet the needs of migrants, employers, industry, unions and Government.

If you are interested in including your comments email for further details.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

22 Sep, 2023

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