Consequences of Receiving Unlawful Migration Advice

As Australia is one of the most sought destinations in the world for Immigration, there is a lot
information circulating about Australian Immigration in the social media channels as well as other sources.

Although Immigration advice can only be provided by an Immigration Lawyer and Registered
Migration Agent, it is very common seeing individuals and non-registered professionals providing
migration advice.

The most common mistake made by visa applicants is reading incorrect information in the internet
from sources other than regulations and instruments from the Department of Home Affairs.

There are also instances where individuals who are not authorised, become involved in giving immigration advice which is illegal.

The consequences of being advised wrongly about your visa are:

Incomplete visa applications which results in significant delays in processing of the application;
Visa refusals;
Becoming unlawful or being barred from re-applying for a visa
Further consequences applied by the Department of Home Affairs in case of incorrect
Visa cancelations;
Financial loss

The profession of Immigration Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent is regulated by OMARA or State/Territory Law Society, and only these two types of professionals are authorised to provide migration advice (other than exempted persons).

If you have had your immigration matter jeopardised by being provided unlawful advice please get in touch with us by contacting

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

17 Nov, 2023

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