Critical Update from VETASSESS

The following information was received from VETASSESS

Pause in acceptance of new applications for 7 trade occupations

“From September 25 we will pause acceptance of new applications for assessment for the trade occupations of: 

  • Chef, ANZSCO Code 351311 
  • Cook, ANZSCO Code 351411 
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic, ANZSCO Code 321212 
  • Motor Mechanic (General), ANZSCO Code 321211 
  • Fitter (General), ANZSCO Code 323211  
  • Electrician (General), ANZSCO Code 341111 
  • Metal Machinist (First Class), ANZSCO Code 323214. 

In agreement with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), we will not accept new applications for these occupations to enable us to deal with a high number of applications. “

If you have any questions or require assistance with your skills assessment, get in touch with our team

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

18 Sep, 2023

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