Date for New Genuine Test for Student Visa Applicants Announced

Australian Government is set to substitute the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement for the granting of a Student visa with a Genuine Student (GS) prerequisite.

The GS condition is scheduled to take effect for Student visa applications submitted on or after March 23, 2024. Applications lodged prior to this date will be evaluated under the current criteria. However, the GTE requirement will remain in place for Student Guardian visa applicants.

Following consultations with education sector representatives, the new GS requirement for international students aims to ascertain individuals genuinely seeking a quality education in Australia, devoid of any implications regarding future migration intentions.

The lengthy 300-word statement in the Student visa application form will be replaced with targeted inquiries designed to offer visa decision makers a comprehensive understanding of the applicant’s background and motivations for studying in Australia. These questions will cover various aspects, including current circumstances, ties to family, community, employment, course selection rationale, previous study history in Australia, reasons for applying for a Student visa, and any other pertinent details the applicant wishes to provide.

Upon implementation, Ministerial Direction No. 69 will be rescinded and replaced with two new directives, aligning with the intended commencement date of the GS requirement on March 23, 2024. Additionally, measures will be taken to ensure pending applications receive the appropriate assessment based on the respective criteria before and after the commencement date.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

17 Mar, 2024

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