English Language Tests and Evidence Exemptions for Subclass 500 (Student Visa)

The initial document discusses changes made to the Migration Regulations 1994 concerning the English language proficiency criteria for individuals applying for the Subclass 500 (Student) Visa and enrolled in specific pathway programs. The amendment provides clarity on these criteria and identifies particular registered courses that allow for a lower English language test score requirement. It also explains the reasons behind the amendment, highlighting consultations with the education sector and adherence to legal standards.

Meanwhile, the second document promotes various accessories available for purchase by Australian Registered Migration Agents. These accessories include registration cards, certificates, lapel pins, umbrellas, face masks, and keyrings. Each item features a compass rose design, which symbolizes guidance and direction, aligning with the professional values and ethical standards of the migration agent community. Orders for these items are swiftly processed for registered agents.

Written by Gustavo Malaquias

2 May, 2024

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