Family Violence Provisions

The Family Violence Provisions within Australia’s partner visa framework is designed to provide
support and protection to individuals who are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent
resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, but who have experienced family violence perpetrated by
their partner.
Visa applicants do not need to remain in a relationship just to secure a visa outcome. The Department
may consider you for the Family Violence Provisions if you have experienced domestic and family
violence (family violence) and ​you are no longer in a relationship with your sponsor. The family
violence provisions allow certain visa holders applying for permanent residence to continue with their
application after the breakdown of their marriage or relationship if they have experienced violence.
Domestic and family violence can include:

  1. physical violence
  2. sexual assault
  3. verbal abuse
  4. controlling behavior
  5. stalking
  6. financial abuse.
    To submit a valid claim for the family violence provisions, you will need to provide evidence of the
    violence that occurred. The family violence evidence must show that the family violence or part of the
    family violence occurred while you were in a relationship with your former partner.
    The family violence evidence must also show that the alleged perpetrator was your former partner and
    sponsor. This evidence can include evidence of court orders, statutory declarations, medical reports,
    police reports, letters from social workers and psychologists or any other evidence from professionals.
    The Australian Government has zero tolerance for domestic and family violence It’s important to note
    that each case is assessed individually, and the Department of Home Affairs carefully considers all
    relevant factors when making decisions under the family violence provisions.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

9 Mar, 2024

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