Federal Financial Relations (National Specific Purpose Payments for 2022-23) Determination 2023

The purpose of the Federal Financial Relations (National Specific Purpose Payments for 2022-23) Determination 2023 (the Determination) is to determine the manner in which the total amount of all financial assistance payable to the States and Territories for a financial year under section 12 of the Act is to be adjusted for the 2022-23 financial year and the manner in which the total amount under section 12 is to be divided between the States and Territories.

Under the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations (the IGA) and the Act, the Commonwealth provides payments to support the States and Territories delivery of programs, services and reforms with skills and workforce development.  The details of the funding arrangements and the conditions the States and Territories need to meet to receive Commonwealth funding are set out in the IGA.

The amounts specified in the Determination to be paid to each State and Territory have been calculated in accordance with the IGA.

Advance payments relating to skills and workforce development are made throughout the financial year based on estimates of each jurisdiction’s anticipated entitlement for that year.  Any adjustment between the advances paid to a jurisdiction and the jurisdiction’s determined entitlement is made in the first practicable payment after the Determination is made.

The IGA was subject to extensive consultation with the States and Territories and was signed by all jurisdictions.  The IGA is publicly available on the website of the Council on Federal Financial Relations.  Ongoing consultation with the States and Territories on federal financial relations occurs regularly.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

4 Dec, 2023

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