Finding Accommodation in Australia

Australia is known as one of the most expensive countries to live. Find accommodation can
be challenging, mainly if you chose to live in suburbs close to where the CBD is.
Internationals visiting Sydney in a Tourist visa prefer to stay in hotels or rent their
accommodation through Airbnb and Stayz applications. 

For internationals staying for a longer period such as students, for example, it’s more
affordable to rent shared places. There are often rental and share house options posted on
boards at your education institution or at share house websites such as Flatmate
Finders or  

If you want to lease a place through real state companies, you are required to prove
financial stability, background checks and usually employment. The most common real state
companies are Domain and

If you are renting a house or apartment, you have to pay a security deposit or ‘bond’ (which
is usually equivalent to four weeks’ rent). You will also need to pay some rent in advance
(usually to cover the first four weeks of your tenancy). This money is held by the relevant
state government department in every Australian state or territory.
In case you are renting a place and have an issue, you should try to resolve the problem
directly with your real estate agent, landlord or accommodation manager. If you are unable
to resolve the issue directly, there are organisations such as tenants’ unions and consumer
advocates that can help. Visit the relevant Fair Trading government agency in your state or

 New South Wales: NSW Fair Trading and Tenants Advice & Advocacy Services NSW
 Queensland: Tenants Queensland and Residential Tenancies Authority
 Victoria: Tenants Victoria and Consumer Affairs Victoria
 ACT: Tenants’ Advice Service and Access Canberra
 Western Australia: WA Department of Commerce and Tenancy WA
 Northern Territory: Tenants’ Advice Service and Consumer Affairs Northern Territory

 South Australia: Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and Tenants Information and
Advisory Service
 Tasmania:  The Tenants‘ Union of Tasmania

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

25 Feb, 2024

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