How online action can be used to identify you

In this age of technology, the internet is frequently used by most people. Almost every action you take on the internet leave behind digital footprints. These digital footprints are traces may seem insignificant at first. But it can be used to map out your identity.

Below are the digital footprints that are left from your action that can be used to identify you:

    Browsing History: Websites and links you visited, query you make in the search engine. This exposes website you frequently visit and interests.

    Social Media Activity: Interactions on social media such as Like, Comments and Sharing posts can reveal many things about you such as your social connections, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. This data can be analysed to make a profile of you.

    Online Shopping: your search and purchase online can reveal your shopping preference. For example, which type of product you frequently purchased, whether you prefer cheaper or more expensive options, etc. This can be used to provide targeted product advertisements.

    Location Data: GPS can be used to track your precise movements.

Moreover, your IP address that is unique to your device connected to the internet can also expose your approximate location which is enough to identify which city you are in.

The digital footprints you leave behind may seem insignificant at first, but once combined, they can map out your profile exposing many details such as your interests, hobbies, social connections, location, etc. It is important to be aware of how your action on the internet can be a risk to your privacy.           

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

23 Feb, 2024

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