Jobs and Skills Australia Act 2022

Legislative summary

The Job and Skills Australia Act was established by the Government in 2022. Its functions include
advisory roles, providing independent advice to ministers and the department on labour market and
workforce skills issues. Additionally, Jobs and Skills Australia engages in research, industry analysis,
workforce forecasting, and capacity studies for emerging sectors. This informs national skills policies
and funding decisions, and involves collaboration with state governments, industry associations, and
The introduced amendments expand Jobs and Skills Australia’s functions. They grant the
organisation the authority to advise the Minister or the department’s Secretary on three additional

  1. Skills and training, and workforce needs in regional, rural, and remote areas. This could
    encompass advice on skills accessibility and identifying workforce needs in these regions.
  2. Pathways into Vocational Education and Training (VET) and between VET and higher
    education. This could involve guidance on transitioning from VET to higher education.
  3. Enhancing employment, VET, and higher education outcomes for historically disadvantaged
    and excluded groups. This might entail advice on improving opportunities for marginalized
    individuals in education and employment, considering factors like age, health, or
    These amendments empower the Minister and the Secretary to receive advice that supports
    improved employment prospects and strengthens the country’s economy.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

30 Aug, 2023

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