Labour Market Testing New and Processing 482 and 494 Applications

Sponsors are reminded that Labour Market Testing (LMT) continues to apply to 494 and 482 applications.

The LMT criteria for businesses situated in a Category 2 locale have been revised to coincide with the adjustments made to the standard program. Companies will no longer need to advertise on the Government employment service Workforce Australia. Hence, employers are now obligated to conduct two valid advertisements instead of three. All LMT for Category 2 locations must have taken place within the 12 months preceding the nomination submission and must adhere to the requirements outlined in the standard program.

Please be aware that existing agreements will not be amended to accommodate this modification.

There are no alterations to the LMT criteria in labor agreements for Category 1 and 3 locations.

LMT is exempted when seeking a Minister of Religion Labor Agreement (MoRLA).

For the Aged Care Industry Labor Agreement, the LMT prerequisites can be fulfilled through a Memorandum of Understanding with the relevant industry union(s).

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

9 Feb, 2024

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