Lodging 190 and 491 Nominations for NSW

Updated information from Investment NSW

The following information has been released by Investment NSW in order to assist applicants in lodging Subclass 190 or 491 nominations.

Moving to New South Wales starts with understanding how to properly submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect.

Below, you’ll find simple guidelines to make sure your EOI is considered for nomination by NSW.

Choosing the Right Visa and State

To have a chance at being invited by NSW, your EOI needs to focus on one visa type and specifically request nomination by NSW. If you pick multiple visa types or states (including ‘Any’), your EOI won’t be accepted.

You can send multiple EOIs in SkillSelect if needed.

When to Submit You don’t need to make a new EOI for the current year’s program. All valid EOIs are treated equally during an invitation round, so when you submit doesn’t impact your chances of getting nominated by NSW.

Valid Documents

Make sure all your documents are valid when you get the invitation and stay valid for at least five business days after applying. If any documents, like English and skills assessments or your passport, expire within five business days, you won’t qualify for NSW nomination.

Points You Claim

If you’re invited, you must prove all the points you claimed in your EOI. This proof should stay valid for at least five business days after you apply for NSW nomination. If you can’t meet this requirement, you can’t use the invitation to apply.

Work Experience Claims

For NSW nomination, you can only claim skilled work experience after a certain date:

  1. Deemed Skilled Date: If your skills assessment mentions this date, you can only claim skilled work experience after that date.
  2. Date Qualified: If your skills assessment doesn’t have a deemed skilled date, you can only claim skilled work experience after you finish your qualifying study for the nominated occupation.

Claiming work experience before NSW considers you skilled will make you ineligible for NSW nomination.

Further information can be found on Investment NSW website.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

25 Aug, 2023

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