Migration Amendment (Strengthening Employer Compliance) Bill 2023 – What does this mean for employers?

Over the years, the level of regulatory scrutiny and enforcement activity in the immigration space has increased significantly.  In June 2023, the Migration Amendment Bill 2023, was introduced into Parliament to strengthen employer compliance measures to protect temporary migrant workers, where previously they may have been coerced into breaching their visa conditions and exploited in the workplace.

The bill:

1.       Will make it a criminal offense to coerce an applicant into breaching visa conditions.

2.       Introduce prohibition notices to stop employers from hiring further people who have exploited migrants.

3.       Increase penalties to deter exploitation.

While the Bill is yet to be legislated, it is critical for employers of migrant workers to be aware of the numerous proposed amendments, and how this may impact their workplace.

Need help with managing compliance? We can help with:

–          Insights into the industry 

–          Strategic planning and advice

–          Conducting compliance risk assessments

–          Preparation of policies and procedures

–          Preparation an implementation of compliance programs

If you require assistance with compliance and risk management for your business, please contact enquiries@crystalmigration.net or 02 91892988.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

9 Feb, 2024

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