Migration (Chemicals of Security Concern) Specification (LIN 23/053) 2023

New Legislative Instrument

The purpose of the instrument is to specify chemicals of security concern under subclauses 8551(2) and 8560(2) of Schedule 8 to the Migration Regulations, for the purposes of visa conditions 8551 and 8560.

These visa conditions require that visa holders who hold a Subclass 050 Bridging (General) visa or a Subclass 070 Bridging (Removal Pending) visa must obtain the Minister’s approval before:

  • taking up employment in an occupation that involves the use of, or access to, chemicals of security concern; or
  • acquiring chemicals of security concern.

Source: Migration (Chemicals of Security Concern) Specification (LIN 23/053) 2023 (legislation.gov.au)

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

22 Aug, 2023

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