Migration Queensland Small Business Owner Pathway


This pathway is for migrants who are currently living and operating a small business in regional Queensland. You must have an occupation that is on the Home Affairs Legislative Instrument LIN 19/051 and have a positive skills assessment in an occupation on this instrument. You must also have full-time work rights and not currently be studying.

The Small Business Owner (SBO) stream has two seperate pathways available, applicants need to meet the criteria for Pathway 1 OR Pathway 2:

Pathway 1

To be eligible for this pathway, you must purchase an existing registered business for a minimum of $100,000 and employ at least one Australian resident. The business must be a pre-existing business which has been purchased and trading for a minimum of six months prior to lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Pathway 2

To be eligible for this pathway, you must have started a business and have continuously run that business for a minimum of two years. The business must be generating a profit and have a turnover of $200,000 in the twelve months prior to application. 

NOTE: Seek professional legal and financial advice before making an investment or starting a business. Migration Queensland takes no responsibility if your business or investment is not successful.

You must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) on Skillselect before submitting a 491 – Small Business Owner Assessment Form for this visa.

Migration Queensland offers nominations under the following visa subclass:

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

17 Dec, 2023

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