Migration Strategy and the Impact on General Skilled Migration

The government has released their intentions to reform the current Australian visa system.
One of the government’s key actions is to reshape the permanent skilled migration to drive long
term prosperity for the nation.
Summary of changes
As of now, there are no changes in the visas that encompass the General Skilled Migration, which
are point test-based.
The Government will publish a discussion paper outlining the proposed approach to the redesign
of the points test and will further consult on proposed changes. This will also consider impacts to
State/Territory nominated and Regional visas, given these are points-tested visa programs.
The Department of Home Affairs will consider the development of a new analysis-based points test
to identify more effectively the independent migrants who will make the greatest contribution to
the country.
The Government is working with states and territories to ensure population planning is based on the
best available data and forecasts. Targeted and well-planned migration will support population
planning and help deliver better outcomes for Australia in infrastructure, housing, service delivery
and the environment.
Crystal Migration analysis
In the design of a new and simpler points test, the Government will ensure there are clear and fair
pathways for temporary skilled sponsored migrant workers to apply for self-nominated pathways to
permanent residence.
The reformed points test will also seek to better reward skill level over perseverance, which will
mean for example, faster pathways for international student graduates who are working in skilled
jobs in the labour market, but fewer pathways for graduates not working in skilled jobs.
Overall Advice
While the government is yet to release further changes in the General Skilled Migration scheme of
visas, the aim is to make fairer access to permanent options for those who possess the right skills.
There will be a focus on the core needs of the nation and allow those who are the best-prepared
access to these visas.
Crystal Migration can assist you with the application of a Skilled Migration Visa such as 189 Skilled
Independent Visa, 190 Skilled Nominated Visa and 494 Regional Skilled Nominated Visa.
Contact details
For more information and details about General Skilled Migration visas, please do not hesitate to
contact Crystal Migration on (02) 9189 2988 or ross@crystalmigration.net

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

12 Dec, 2023

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