Migration Strategy – What is it?

Migration isn’t just a history lesson; it’s a living, breathing force shaping our country. This strategy
highlights how migrants contribute to making Australia dynamic, diverse, and prosperous. It’s not
just a statistic; it’s part of who we are, with over half of us having connections to someone born

Why It Matters:
Migration is shown as a good thing, bringing economic growth, cultural richness, and making
us stronger.
Many of us have ties to migrants, showing how much migration affects our daily lives.

Fixing Our Migration System
This part is all about what’s not working in our migration system. We’re calling out problems like
outdated lists of jobs and relying too much on temporary visas. The message is loud and clear: it’s
time to fix things and make migration work better for Australia.

Why It Matters:
The current system isn’t bringing in the people we really need for our jobs and economy.
We need a plan for the long term, especially in our regions, and not just relying on
temporary solutions.

Australia’s Big Plan: Changing Migration for the Better
There’s a big plan, a roadmap with eight key actions to shake up how migration works in Australia.
It’s not just a tweak here and there; it’s a major change to make migration work for us. The focus is
on being clear about what we’re doing and talking to everyone involved.

Why It Matters:

This plan aims to transform how migration works in Australia.

It’s not just about new ideas; it’s about making changes step by step, involving everyone.

How Migration Affects Families and Communities

Migration is more than just numbers; it’s about families, humanitarian efforts, and building
communities. This part says we need to keep adapting to changes, making migration work for
everyone and helping us reach our national goals.

Why It Matters:

Migration connects with family, helps those in need, and builds communities.

We need to keep changing and adapting to make migration work for everyone.
Adapting Migration for a Strong Australia
Looking ahead, this strategy says we need to change how we do migration to handle future
challenges and opportunities. It’s about looking forward and making sure migration helps make
Australia strong and safe.

Why It Matters:
This strategy sees change as a good thing, a chance to make Australia even better.
Migration is seen as a way to help Australia grow and have a good life.

Migration and Money: Helping Australia’s Economy
This part looks at how migration is a big help for Australia’s money matters. The plan is to get the
right people in to keep our economy going strong. It’s not just about today; it’s about making sure
we’re set up well for tomorrow.

Why It Matters:
Migration is a key part of making our money and economy grow.
We need the right policies to make sure migration helps us in the long run.
Fair Wages and Playing Fair: Making Work Better for Everyone
Here, we’re talking about work and making sure everyone gets a fair go. The strategy says we need
to balance things so everyone, whether they’re born here or not, gets treated right at work.

Why It Matters:
The strategy talks about fair pay, good jobs, and treating everyone at work the same.
It wants rules that make sure everyone is safe and treated well at work.

Making Friends and Competing Right: Migration on the World Stage
Migration isn’t just about us; it’s also about making friends and doing well in the world. This strategy
says we need to compete globally for talented people and work well with our neighbors.
Why It Matters:

Migration can help us build good relationships and do well with other countries.
We need rules that work with other countries and help us get the best people.

Big Changes Needed: Fixing What’s Broken in Migration
This strategy admits there are problems with how migration works right now. It’s a call for a big
change, saying we need a clear plan for who comes in, not just temporary fixes. It’s about making
migration work for Australia in the long run.

Why It Matters:
The strategy says we need to fix the big problems in how we bring in people.
It calls for changes in how we give visas, especially to skilled workers, and work better with
our states.

In a nutshell, this Migration Strategy is about changing how we see migration in Australia. It’s not
just about bringing people in; it’s about bringing in the right people for the right reasons. Let’s unlock
Australia’s potential by making smart changes to how we do migration.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

12 Dec, 2023

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