News from Home Affairs – The Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs Paper

Home Affairs have released their latest paper on the Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs and Crystal Press is covering this via summary below.


Managing Risks

As part of the administration of the immigration and citizenship programs managed by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australia Government has announced that one of the aspects that the program aims to is the risk management and community protection.

Managing the risks encompasses:

  • Risk Environment – risk environment has to deal with the compliance of visa conditions applied to non-citizens as well as the exploitation of international by employers. In relation to that, the Department of Home Affairs will use strategies that will be more vigilant to combat migration-related crimes.
  • Biometrics and Integrity Screening – the Department has been increasing the collection of biometrics to avoid criminal activities and terrorism apart from detecting people persons of concern.
  • Modern Slavery & Human trafficking – the Department considers all forms of human trafficking such as slavery, forced labour, forced marriage, servitude, debt bondage, children traffic, and those ones that includes trafficking for harvesting human organs. The Department understands that human traffic is an unwanted situation for the victims. Therefore, the Department supports the victims by having provisions, so that victims can regularise their immigration status under the Human Trafficking Visa Framework (HTVF). The HTVF includes:
    • Temporary visas – short-stay so that the victims can recover, and long-stay for the victims to request the criminal justice entry or re-entry after short-term travel to commence or resume their criminal justice process matter.
    • Permanent visas – to protect the individuals who have been victims of human trafficking and are assisting and cooperating with human trafficking investigations which safety would be pose at risk if returned to their home country.
  • People Smuggling – the Australian authorities has been working to intercept people who irregularly arrives in Australia on a payment-for-services basis. Between September 2013 to March 2023, the Operation Sovereign Borders intercepted and safely returned 1082 potential irregular immigrants who would arrive in Australia in a smuggling situation by sea. Intercepting people smuggling also prevents death at sea.
  • Migrant Worker Exploitation – The Department fights against migrant workers exploitation which aims to provide the same basic rights and protections as Australian citizens and permanent residents. Migrant workers exploitation includes, for example, underpayment of wages and entitlements, sponsors recovering costs from the visa holders, and working rights less favourable to those ones offered to an Australian citizen.
  • Immigration integrity & Community Protection – The Department aims to be consistent with the immigration system by taking the correct decisions when granting or refusing visas.
  • Unlawful non-citizens – The Australian Border Force has been working to identify unlawful non-citizens who pose a significant risk to the Australian community.
  • Cancellations – To ensure the integrity of the migration program, the Departments enforces cancellation provisions for non-citizens that have their visa granted and do no longer meet character, health, identity, security and other eligibility requirements set out in the Migration Act. The visa cancellation framework supports the Department’s core objectives of the integrity of Australia’s visa programs.
  • Status Resolution – The Department has a Status Resolution program that assists non-citizens who require assistance to resolve their immigration status. The status resolution encompasses:
    • Bridging visa E provisions: usually granted for a period of time while their immigration status is being resolved with the Department of Home Affairs and Government bodies; Supporting services: assistance system provided to eligible individuals while they engage with the Department to resolve their immigration status.  
    • Leaving the Status Resolution Program: finalisation of resolution program when a decision is made whether the individual must departure from Australia, be granted a substantive visa, or acquire of Australian citizenship.
    • Return and Reintegration Assistance Program: program for those non-citizens who wish to leave Australia voluntarily, but who require assistance to do so such as returning counselling, costs with air tickets and travel assistance to final destination.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

13 Feb, 2024

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