Obligations that Employers should know when advertising job offers

One of the requirements of the 482 and the 494 sponsoring visa is that the position of the applicant
must be advertised for at least 28 days on two platforms of national reach.

Having said that, employers must be aware of the rights and responsibilities when hiring employees.

The main ones are listed as per below:

  • Payments must be done according to the award. If no award is applied, payment
    must obey the minimum threshold as per set by Fair Work Australia. If the employee
    is a sponsored employee, the salary cannot be less than $70,000 plus supper
  • Have a contract agreement that states all the conditions of employment as well as
    the awards that the employment comes from.
  • Job ads must fulfill the minimum requirements from FWA and must be free of
    discrimination of any type including making the position more favourable to some
    groups over others.
  • Hours of work must be specified, and extra-hours must be paid if there is a need
    from the business to request extra-hours from employees.
  • Employers must keep written time and wages records for all employees and must
    give employees a pay slip within one working day after making salary payments.
  • Induction process is important, so that new employees are familiarised with the
    business, other staff members and the policies and procedures.
  • Set expectations in relation to goals and communication to your employees.
  • Be aware that some employees may have disabilities, so that the company need to
    be flexible in terms of working conditions.

For further information on rights and responsibilities relating to hiring staff. please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9189 2988 or

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

5 Feb, 2024

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