Opportunities for technology professionals due to the labour shortage faced by Australia

Although there were a couple of changes in the Australian Immigration, the country still faces shortage in the Technology industry. According to an article released on October 2023 by MQuality, “70% of ICT occupations experiencing a critical scarcity. This alarming skills crisis, the most severe in six decades, is jeopardizing Australia’s ability to harness the transformative power of emerging technologies.”

Source: https://www.mquality.com.au/land/Australia-Faces-Unprecedented-IT-Skills-Shortage-New-Report-Highlights-Urgent-Need-for-Action.html?trk=article-ssr-frontend-pulse_little-text-block

The Australian skilling commission also displays on their website shortages of various technology occupations across all the states in Australia:

Source: https://www.jobsandskills.gov.au/data/skills-priority-list

According to an article from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) published on October 2023, Nearly 70 per cent of ICT professionals’ occupations are in shortage around Australia, according to a new reporting warning the nation faces a skills challenge not seen for six decades.”

Source: https://ia.acs.org.au/article/2023/nearly-70–of-aussie-it-jobs-are-in-shortage.html

The shortages in the Technology industries can be filled by the State Governments and Technology companies, which are finding hard to find these professionals in the market. The Government of NSW, for example, list Technology as one of the 5 sectors to be prioritised when issuing invitation for permanent residency.

To the point of view of International Technology Professionals, this can be a great opportunity for potential permanent residency and sponsorship opportunities.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

12 Jan, 2024

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