Press Release: Conflict in the Middle East

In light of the events taking place, Crystal Press will not be covering these events nor making any direct or indirect remarks. This decision is not about taking sides but coming to a realization that we are here to service you in supporting you through your immigration journey. My unconditional devotion will forever remain to making immigration a better place and today this topic does not involve Crystal Press.

I kindly request everyone, and the general public not to seek Crystal Press’s opinion on this matter.

Our longstanding tradition dictates:

Crystal Press shall remain independent, focusing on Australian migration news and refraining from becoming politically involved in other matters.

As the managing director and founder of Crystal Press, it is my duty to uphold this tradition and all other established practices. I appreciate your understanding and allowing me to use this platform to address what has now become a significant intermigration.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

28 Oct, 2023

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