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On April 23, the organization will resume accepting new applications for three trade occupations: Cook (ANZSCO Code 351411), Diesel Motor Mechanic (ANZSCO Code 321212), and Motor Mechanic (General) (ANZSCO Code 321211). The decision to reopen these occupations follows discussions with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) after pausing new applications in September 2023 to focus on processing current cases.

However, new applications will remain paused for the following occupations: Chef (ANZSCO Code 351311), Fitter (General) (ANZSCO Code 323211), Electrician (General) (ANZSCO Code 341111), and Metal Machinist (First Class) (ANZSCO Code 323214). Further updates regarding these occupations are expected next month.

These changes apply to both Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 applications under OSAP and TSS programs.

Regarding Pathway 1 trade applications, the assessment process is undergoing modifications for all trades except Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, Electrician (General), Electrician (Special Class), and Plumber (General).

The revised Stage 2 assessment process will entail three steps:

  1. Video evidence submission: Applicants must provide a selection of videos demonstrating their trade skills alongside instructions provided in the updated Video Guide for the nominated occupation. Assessors will review the videos and request resubmission if they fail to meet the requirements. Photographic evidence submission is no longer necessary unless requested.
  2. Australian Industry Standards Online Assessment: Applicants are required to complete a brief online course on Australian industry standards relevant to their trade. Upon completion, they must undertake an assessment to gauge their understanding of these standards. The applicant will receive access to the online course upon acceptance of their Stage 2 application and confirmation of payment.
  3. Technical Interview: After successful completion of the online assessment and meeting video evidence requirements, applicants can schedule their technical interview, which can be conducted either online or face-to-face at an assessment venue. The interview typically lasts about two hours.

Additionally, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics based in India need to undergo a practical assessment as this occupation requires a license in Australia. Applicants in India can undertake this assessment at the organization’s testing center in New Delhi.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

18 Apr, 2024

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