Skilled Migration Update – Highlights from 2022-23

Here’s an overview of the key statistics and notable changes:

  1. 142,000 Skilled Migration Places: In the year 2022-2023, Australia allocated 142,000 skilled migration places, comprising 73% of the overall program.
  2. 84% Increase: This year’s skilled migration program saw an 84% increase.

Notable Changes:

  1. Ministerial Direction 100: This directive gives priority to healthcare and teaching occupations. This strategic shift aims to address critical needs in these sectors.
  2. Teaching Professionals: Over 3,500 skilled migration places were designated for teaching professionals, marking a substantial increase of over 500% from the previous year (2021-22).
  3. Healthcare Professionals: The healthcare sector also experienced a significant boost, with over 17,000 skilled migration places allocated to healthcare professionals. This represented an increase of over 100% from the preceding year (2021-22).

In summary, Australia’s skilled migration program for 2022-2023 has refocused its priorities on healthcare and teaching occupations.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

13 Oct, 2023

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