Superannuation rules updated in awards – Fair Work Australia

As of the 9th April 2024, the Fair Work Commission has updated award provisions relating to superannuation in 147 awards, reflecting the current superannuation rules and the new right to superannuation contributions included in the National Employment Standards.

The new right to superannuation contributions took effect on the 1st January 2024. The change means that most employees are able to take court action under the Fair Work Act to recover underpaid or unpaid superannuation.

Superannuation obligations have pre-existed prior to the update of the awards. Ensuring compliance with employer obligations under the superannuation guarantee laws remains an integral component of being an employer. Employer obligations further extend to employer sponsorship obligations framework and remaining compliant within Australian immigration framework. All necessary steps should be taken to ensure your business is compliant with relevant legislation.

A breach of sponsorship obligations could result in severe penalties for businesses including but not limited to civil action or sponsorship sanctions, preventing the opportunity for the business to sponsor foreign workers.

Should you have queries with regard to employer obligations, it is important to seek professional guidance from an employment law specialist.


Written by Ross Ahmadzai

22 Apr, 2024

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