The Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs Paper

Home Affairs have released their latest paper on the Administration of the Immigration and Citizenship Programs and Crystal Press is covering this via summary below.


Temporary Visas in Australia: A 2022-2023 Overview

Temporary visas in Australia have seen significant fluctuations and trends between
December 2022 and December 2023, reflecting changes in policy, global conditions, and the
Australian economy. The Department of Home Affairs’ data provides insights into various
visa categories, shedding light on shifts in visa holders, application lodgments, and program

Temporary Visa Categories:

Bridging Visas: Experienced a modest increase of 4.0%, driven by Onshore
Protection, Family, and Student visa applicants.

Crew and Transit: A notable increase of 26.3%, partially attributed to the rise in
cruise ship operations.

Other Temporary: A slight increase of 1.8%.

Special Category: Grew by 5.4%, reflecting diverse factors impacting temporary

Student: Witnessed a significant surge of 19.7%, indicating the resurgence of
international students.

Temporary Protection: Decreased by 55.0%, indicating a shift in policy and global

Temporary Resident (Other Employment): Experienced a substantial increase of

Temporary Resident (Skilled Employment): Grew by 23.9%, reflecting demand for
skilled labor.

Visitor: Increased by 13.3%, driven by global travel demand recovery.

Working Holiday Maker: Notable growth of 51.7%, reflecting recovery post-

Grand Total: Overall, a significant increase of 15.7% in temporary visa holders.

Program Trends:

Visitor Visa Program: Experienced a 13.3% increase, influenced by global travel
demand and family reunions.

Student Visa Program: Witnessed growth before a decrease in late 2023, with
measures implemented to address application quality.

Temporary Graduate Visas: Undergoing recalibration to support long-term
economic contributions, with adjustments to eligibility criteria.

Working Holiday Makers: Significant recovery post-pandemic, with policy
adjustments to support various industries and regional areas.

Temporary Skilled Work: Evolving with initiatives to streamline pathways to
permanent residence and support regional employers.

Policy and Program Adjustments:

Student Visa Integrity Measures: Implemented to address non-genuine applications
and uphold program integrity.

Temporary Graduate Visa Changes: Repositioned to attract early career
professionals, with adjustments to extension eligibility and English proficiency

Labour Market Testing Streamlining: Aimed at reducing administrative burdens on
employers and supporting skilled migration.

Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement: Providing pathways for aged care workers,
reflecting industry needs and population aging.

Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme: Expanding opportunities for workers from
Pacific countries, especially in regional Australia.

Future Directions:

Migration Strategy: Focuses on integrity measures, regional contributions, and
economic priorities.

Program Streamlining: Continues to refine visa streams, eligibility criteria, and
processing efficiency.

Protection Visa System Reform: Aims to improve efficiency and integrity while
supporting genuine protection seekers.


The landscape of temporary visas in Australia reflects dynamic shifts influenced by
global events, economic priorities, and policy adjustments. As Australia navigates post-
pandemic recovery, maintaining program integrity, supporting key industries, and
addressing skill shortages remain paramount.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

13 Feb, 2024

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