The importance of an Inclusive Working Environment for International Workers

The international workforce is essential for the maintenance of the Australian Economy and
the continuity of service provision, including basic essential services such as health and
The lack of qualified workers in the Australian market opens doors for internationals to
come to Australia for working opportunities and a better quality of life.
Therefore, an inclusive labour market is crucial for the successful employability of
international workers, which reflects on the company’s success.
According to an article published on the International Labor Organization on 06 April 2022
mentions that “High levels of equality, diversity and inclusion are associated with greater
innovation, productivity and performance, talent recruitment and retention, and workforce
The fundamental points for international workers to feel included in organizations are:

  • Corporate policy aimed at diversity;
  • Understanding and empathy;
  • Respect for religious, ethnic and social differences;
  • Combating bullying;
  • Equal employment policy;
  • Respect for diversity and divergent opinions;
  • Allow international workers to contribute to the overall culture of the business;
  • Encourage connections between national and international workers;
  • Provide support to international workers whenever necessary.
    A correctly applied inclusion and diversity policy generates productivity and well-being for
    employees and company. According to Manuela Tomei, Director, ILO Conditions of Work

and Equality Department: “An equal, diverse and inclusive workplace is a key driver of
resilience and recovery”.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

19 Oct, 2023

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