1. Is the AAT still operating?
    • The AAT will continue its regular operations until the reform comes into effect. The AAT will continue to accept applications for decision reviews until the new federal administrative review body is established.
  2. What will happen to your case?
    • All ongoing cases with the AAT will proceed as planned. Many of these cases are expected to be resolved before the new body is established. Once the new body is in place, any remaining cases will be transferred to it, and you won’t need to submit a new application. The AAT will provide further details on transition arrangements to applicants before the new body is established.
  3. Are all decisions made by the AAT still valid?
    • If the AAT has already made a decision on your case, it is considered final, unless you choose to appeal to a court.
  4. The AAT has reviewed your case and made a decision. Can you request a review from the new body?
    • No, cases that have been decided are considered closed and will not be re-evaluated by the new body. 
  5. Can you still submit an application for a decision review during the transition period?
    • Yes, the AAT will continue to accept applications for decision reviews until the new body is established. Any pending cases will transition to the new body once it is operational. You can submit a decision review application on our website.
  6. When will the new body be established?
    • Applicants will receive advance notice before the new body is established and will be provided with guidance on transitioning their case to the new body.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

4 Oct, 2023

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