Things to know before coming to Australia!

Australia is one of the main destinations for tourists, students, and immigrants. The country is known for its climate, beautiful landscapes, and lovely weather. Furthermore, the quality of life is one of the best in the world, in addition to other aspects such as quality education, economy and diversity.

Despite everything, there are some interesting facts that should be taken into consideration before traveling to Australia, including:

  • Visa: all citizens, no matter where they come from, must have a valid visa to Australia.
  • Cost of Living: despite being a developed country, one of the aspects that visitors and immigrants must take into consideration is the high cost of living. It is recommended that housing and travel costs are planned before traveling.
  • Summertime in Australia: despite the hot favourable summer climate, skin care is recommended as Australia’s summer is very hot for being a country in the Pacific, in addition to having most of its territory with a climate desert.
  • Stay on the left: Australian traffic flows on the left side with the right side as the opposite direction. This happens because the direction is the same as in British countries.
  • Kangaroos: the best-known animal in Australia is the Kangaroo. Despite this, it is very common for Kangaroo hunting to be permitted in some areas. Kangaroo meat is also a typical dish of Australian cuisine.

We could mention many more things about Australia, but it is more interesting to see it in person. 

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

4 Oct, 2023

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