Transportation for new migrants in Australia

Australia is a large country with its cities separated by a great distance. It can be
difficult for new migrants to find ways to navigate in Australia. We will go through
and provide detail on some of the transportation options below to assists you and
provide a better understanding.
Most cities in Australia offers public transports such as Train, Bus, Ferries and Light
Rails/Trams. The transport networks are extensive and flexible for most form of
travel. These options are convenient and are generally cost-effective. The public
transport has fares that varies depending on the city. Some does offer concession
fares for eligible groups such as student, senior, etc. Make sure to check for your
eligibility for the concession fares as they can reduce the cost for your travel
Driving is another option for travel. You will need a driver’s license to drive a car. If
you do not have an Australian license, you can check with the Roads and Traffics
Authority in your state to confirm the requirements for driving with an oversea
license. Owning a car is expensive and comes with various costs that might not
be feasible for you. However, there are car rental services that rents out car for
periods of time. If other transport options are not suitable, this can be a great
Taxi and Ride-hailing services are useful for people who do not have a vehicle to
travel to a destination quickly or in the case of emergency. These services are
expensive are generally used for one time travel.
Australia is a large country with large distance between its cities. With more
knowledge on the transportation options, migrants will be more comfortable and
have an easier time travelling within the country.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

9 Apr, 2024

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