TRA’s Job Ready Program Delays

Job Ready Program Processing Times

The TRA Job Ready Program (JRP) is experiencing a high number of applications. As a result, the average processing times are longer than expected.

TRA does not expect this to affect how long it will take to complete all stages of the JRP.

As at August 2023, the average processing times are:

Program engagement through JRE application assessment and follow up of eligible JRE participants:Up to 6 months from applicationIf you applied for Job Ready Employment before February 2023 please contact us.
General document processing: 2.5 months from upload
JRWA Completion:Up to 4 months from applicationIf you submitted a JRWA application after June 2023 the RTO will contact you within 60 days. If you have not been contacted by the RTO or are unable to attend your assessment please contact us.
JRFA outcome:45 days from application

Source: TRA Website

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

10 Sep, 2023

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