Understanding “NEC” Occupations

NEC or Not Elsewhere Classified is often a challenging category of occupations to approach. It is advisable to have a clear understanding of the category before submitting your application.


  1. When selecting an ‘nec’ category, ensure that your qualifications and employment align closely with one of the occupation titles specified in the ANZSCO description for that particular occupation.
  2. Unique and specialized occupation titles not found elsewhere in ANZSCO are considered on a case-by-case basis, provided they are closely related to the ANZSCO Unit Group description.
  3. Your employment in the nominated occupations should not have a better match with another ANZSCO code,
  4. Before choosing an ‘nec’ occupation, carefully review the ANZSCO Sub-Major Group description to determine if your skills best fit this category.
  5. Provide details of any relevant training or professional development courses in your specialized field within your Curriculum Vitae/Resume.

VETASSESS Skills Assessment Body uses the following example:

To grasp the application of the ‘nec’ category, consider the following example: If your role primarily involves the procurement function of an organization and closely aligns with the skill level expectations and the ANZSCO Minor Group description of 224 Information and Organisation Professionals, you may be eligible to apply as a Procurement Specialist, a specialization under the occupation of 224999 Information and Organisation Professionals nec.

However, it’s crucial to differentiate between roles such as Procurement Manager, Supply and Distribution Managers, and various Supply and Logistics Clerks, including Production Clerk, Purchasing Officer, Stock Clerk, Warehouse Administrator, and Order Clerk. These occupations are separately listed in ANZSCO, each with distinct skill levels and overall responsibilities.

If your employment is more relevant to another ANZSCO occupation, it cannot be appropriately assessed under an ‘nec’ classification, regardless of whether the occupation is available for migration purposes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that selecting the ‘nec’ category aligns with your specific situation.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

19 Jan, 2024

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