Updated Skills Assessment Criteria – Hotel or Motel Manager & Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC

Following consultation with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), VETASSESS has reviewed and updated skills assessment criteria for the occupations below:

  • ANZSCO code 141999 – Hotel or Motel Manager
  • ANZSCO code 141311 – Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC

The updated criteria takes into account the rising prominence of serviced and long-stay apartments across Australia and the role of Hotel or Motel Managers increasing involvement with body corporate legislation and liaison between numerous apartment owners.

The changes are intended to provide assurance that the skills assessment criteria reflect latest knowledge of industry trends and changes over time and to ensure applicants arrive in Australia with the appropriate skills required by local employers.

Information fact sheets have been updated on the VETASSESS website, providing further guidance with regard to skills assessment criteria.

Source: https://www.vetassess.com.au/news/updated-skills-assessment-criteria-for-hospitality-manager-occupations

For further guidance on skills assessment applications, do not hesitate to contact ross@crystalmigration.net or (02) 9189 2988

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

23 Feb, 2024

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