Visa Options for Offshore Oil and Gas Projects in Australia

Australia’s known for its vast natural gas reserves, both offshore and onshore. If you’re involved in offshore oil and gas projects in Australia, you might wonder what visa your foreign worker needs.

Offshore resources activities encompass a range of operations and such it is important to understand the tailored visa requirements under Australian immigration law.

Individuals seeking to participate in offshore resource activities must hold one of the following visas:

  1. Permanent Visa
  2. Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa
  3. Subclass 482 (Temporary Skills Shortage) Visa

It’s worth noting that all other Australian visa types are deemed unsuitable for individuals engaged in offshore resource activities, which shows how important it is to select the appropriate visa subclass.

When deciding between the Subclass 400 and Subclass 482 visa subclasses, several key differentiators come into play. Both visa types facilitate engagement in offshore resources activities; however, they diverge significantly in terms of cost, duration of stay, and documentary evidence requirements.

The Subclass 400 visa is great for those seeking to bring overseas employees for short-term projects. Its flexibility and relatively straightforward application process make it an attractive choice for employers needing immediate resources.

Conversely, the Subclass 482 visa is better suited for projects with a longer timeline from overseas employees.

Understanding the nuances between these visa subclasses is paramount for both employers and employees embarking on offshore oil and gas projects.

For personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our migration lawyers.

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Written by Ross Ahmadzai

10 May, 2024

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