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Visitor Visas

You may be interested in visiting Australia for a holiday, a business trip, visiting family and friends, undertaking
business visitor activities, or even short-term work (in specific circumstances). Australia has a variety of visitor
visas to choose from, depending on your circumstances. Generally, you need to demonstrate that you intend
to visit Australia temporarily, have not had a prior visa cancellation or refusal, have no debts to the Australian
Government, and meet relevant health, biometrics, insurance, and character requirements. This article will
explain the visitor visas currently available in Australia.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601)
The Electronic Travel Authority Visa (ETA) it is a common visitor visa, but it is digital. See below what ETA
allows you to do if you hold this visa:
-Undertake tourism activities
-Visit family and friends
-Undertake some business visitor activities
However, this Visa does not allow you to work. Furthermore, you must hold an eligible passport to obtain this
Visa. You can apply for this visa through the Australian ETA app.

eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651)

The eVisitor visa allows you the same privileges as the ETA visa. In addition, you may study or undergo training
in some circumstances. However, you cannot work. Once granted, you can stay for 3 months at a time within a
12-month period. This visa is only available to eligible passport holders. You must show that you have enough
funds to support yourself during your stay and be able to depart Australia. In addition, you must be outside
Australia when you apply for and are granted the visa. 
Choosing between the 601 or 651 visa will primarily depend on your passport and the reason for your stay. 

Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)
There is a first, second and third Work and Holiday visa. Each visa allows you to stay or leave and re-enter
Australia for up to 12 months. The Work and Holiday visas enable you to undertake short-term work in
Australia or study for up to four months whilst on holiday. If you are working, you can only work for
a maximum of six months for any one employer at a time (unless you receive special permission stating
otherwise). The six-month limitation resets for each visa. This means you may work for your current employer
for an additional six months. 

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for a working holiday visa:
hold an eligible passport.
be between 18 and 30 when you apply for each visa.
cannot have dependents or family members on this visa.
demonstrate that you have enough funds to support your stay and departure from Australia. 

If you are seeking to come to Australia and do not know know where to start, get in touch with us today!

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

13 Feb, 2024

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