What happens when the relationship between Business Sponsor and Sponsored visa holder ceases?

As sponsoring business, it is important to be aware of the different obligations you have. This includes the actions that must be taken when important events happen within the business.

When the employment of a holder of a 482 visa your business is employing ceases, you have the obligation to inform the Department of Home Affairs about this.

By doing so you are adhering to the sponsoring obligations imposed by the Department of Home Affairs.

It is also important for the employee, as this will trigger their obligation to find another sponsor or arrange departure from Australia.

The visa holder has 60 days from the date they finish working with you to:

  • find another approved sponsor to nominate them,
  • be granted a different visa, or
  • leave Australia

Until that time, it is your responsibility to fulfill your sponsor duties towards the visa holder and their dependents.

This includes covering the reasonable and essential travel expenses for them to depart Australia.

If the visa holder or any of their dependents becomes unlawful, you may be required to cover the expenses associated with locating and removing them from Australia.

Ways to inform the Department of Home Affairs about the cessation of employment:

You can inform the Department of Home Affairs by sending an email to sponsor.notifications@abf.gov.au specifying the details of the employee and the date the employment stopped.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

20 Oct, 2023

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