What is LMT and how can I demonstrate it?

Many businesses keen on hiring overseas workers often go for the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482) or the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) (SERS) visa (subclass 494) to bring them in. If you’re thinking of sponsoring someone under these visas, you got to pass the labour market testing (LMT) during the nomination phase. It’s super important to get this right and meet all the requirements for your application to sail through. This article breaks down what you need to know about LMT and how your business can ace it.

What is LMT?
LMT is basically a recruitment campaign that your business needs to run if you are looking to bring in a foreign worker on a TSS 482 or SERS 494 visa. Before you extend a job offer to someone from overseas, you’ve got to check out the job scene in Australia to see if there are any locals who could fill the position. The idea behind this is to prioritize Australians for job opportunities unless there’s a special circumstance.

What are the LMT requirements?
You need to make sure you do LMT the right way. Messing it up could mean your nomination application gets rejected, see below the requirements:

1 – In Australia, in English, within the four months immediately before you submit your nomination.
2 – For at least 4 weeks or 28 days, during which time you must accept applications
3- On at least two national recruitment websites, newspapers or radio. If you are Accredited sponsor, you may advertise on your company’s website as one of the two prescribed advertisements.

For the job advertisements you must include the:
-Job Title
-Position description and skills description
-Name of the sponsor (your company) or the name of the recruitment agency your business is using, if applicable
-Salary or salary range (unless the salary is above AUD$96.400)

In general, you need to run a job advertising campaign for at least one month on two recruitment websites with national reach, acceptable examples of recruitment websites are:

Some industry specific websites are also acceptable.

How demonstrate it?
To demonstrate it, you need to provide a copy of the two job advertisements and prove the job ads were live for a minimum of one month, at least 28 days.
You will also need to provide a recruitment activity report of all the responses you receive and reason why the applicants were not suitable for the role.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

11 Apr, 2024

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