What is the minimum turnover and company size you need to sponsor overseas workers?

Companies frequently find themselves in need of skilled international labour to stay competitive and thrive. The question that often arises is, ‘What’s the minimum business size required to sponsor overseas workers?’ and ‘How much turnover is required to sponsor?’ The answer depends on a combination of factors that demonstrate a genuine need for foreign talent and the financial capacity to support them.

Establishing Genuine Need is the crux of sponsoring overseas workers. Companies must demonstrate a legitimate need for their expertise, irrespective of the business’s size. Your company must demonstrate that without foreign workers, it cannot operate and expand effectively.

To substantiate this, companies must provide financial records that show the demand for specific skills. These financial documents should depict the company’s growth trajectory and how additional workers are essential to meet existing demands and aid expansion.

Another crucial aspect is providing evidence of efforts made in the local job market to recruit talent. Businesses must genuinely attempt to hire locally before turning to overseas workers. This entails advertising, conducting interviews, and showing that there are no qualified local candidates for the roles.

Crystal Migration have successfully obtained sponsorships for businesses with modest turnovers, ranging from $300,000 to $500,000, and with just 3 staff. The key element in these cases was the skills and positions these businesses required, which were not readily available in the local pool.

For instance, a small family-owned restaurant with a modest turnover may need to sponsor an overseas chef due to their specialisation in a cuisine that is not commonly found locally. Similarly, IT companies might require software engineers with expertise in niche technologies to remain competitive, and sourcing such talent locally can be a significant challenge.

In conclusion, business size and employee count matter less than demonstrating a genuine need for foreign talent. Businesses of all sizes can sponsor overseas workers if they can prove these workers are essential for their growth and competitiveness. If you need assistance with recruiting foreign talent, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us for a personalized discussion about your specific needs and the sponsorship process.

Written by Ross Ahmadzai

20 Oct, 2023

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